Holistic Training for Sports and Fitness

What is Holistic Training?

"HOLISTIC TRAINING is a mind-body-environment training approach that links skill development and physical performance. A powerful TRAINING STRATEGY that brings together sports science, evolutionary biology, epigenetic theory and environmental science for a comprehensive training approach that unleashes human skill and wellbeing across the full spectrum of ability and diversity in sport." Jessica Christensen, CEO & Academy Director

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    FUNCTIONAL BASELINE: Develop MIND/BODY awareness to build your baseline of HUMAN NATURAL MOVEMENT. Learn to tune into your body in movement and your training environment.


    FUNCTIONAL SKILLS: Build a resilient, agile body to enhance your sports skills. Prepare a foundation for athletic skills by expanding on your Mind/Body awareness through practical training skills & conditioning.

    BBS Functional Skills Workshops 
  • 3. SKILLS

    TRAINING & LIFESTYLE: Let your passion for your sport fuel your fire that sets the tone for an active lifestyle! Learn to bring in wellbeing, nutrition and advanced training tactics for your sport by connecting with your community and learning together...

What does Holistic Training Look Like?

"In practice, Holistic Training is about reconnecting the joy of an active lifestyle, finding fulfilment in training with our friends, and engaging more with a natural training environment. This helps us to develop more effective habits, functional movement patterns, a more positive body image, and builds an intuitive approach to fitness that helps us unleash our natural potential. Through courses, free educational materials, and beginner workshops, the company’s mission is to share the benefits of Holistic Training with humans of all walks of life." - Jessica Christensen

BACKGROUND: Science & Syllabus

Recent scientific studies* have led to groundbreaking development that is revolutionising the world of sports, health, and fitness, rooted in our genetic heritage. They reveal a concerning reality: in an overly complex world, we are suffering from what experts in Evolutionary Medicine name "Mismatch Disease" - the accumulation over time of our bodies struggling to cope with modern conditions, resulting in physical pains, mental health challenges, obesity, and other health concerns. Harvard Professor of Paleontology, Daniel Lieberman, explains: “The fundamental answer to why so many humans are now getting sick from previously rare illnesses is that many of the body’s features were adapted in environments from which we evolved, but have become maladapted in the modern environments we have now created."*

But there's no need to return to a primitive lifestyle: MAVERICKS Life Co.'s new syllabus draws on 15 years of work in developing innovative training frameworks. innovative training concept that addresses modern humans’ lifestyle shortcomings, a holistic approach to sport and an active lifestyle.

This holistic training and lifestyle concept incorporates international scientific research from a variety of health and sports science faculties, designed to address a broad spectrum of modern maladaptations, and alleviate the effects of overtraining using a practical approach. MAVERICKS' Holistic Training Syllabus is an education system designed for all levels - from recreational participation to CE/CPD coaches courses that integrates seamlessly into our existing sports practice, with the goal of enhancing fitness and performance through a whole-body training strategy and tackling issues such as ‘Mismatch Disease’.

Holistic Training Syllabus

FOR EVERYONE : on the TheMavericksWay.org platform, we share an introduction to Holistic Training through educational resources and online workshops.

FOR COACHES : We teach the full syllabus on BBS Training Academy, MAVERICKS Life Co.'s Sports Science Education division.


    Modern living and traditional training modalities lead to pain and limited mobility by reinforcing restrictive, unnatural movement patterns. Holistic Training prioritises neuro-myofascial training variety, promoting adaptable, natural, and sustainable movement patterns that improve active ranges of motion without overtraining. 


    Short-term trends create fleeting health habits; negative feedback loops that lead to the development of a toxic body image and a fixed mindset. Holistic Training focuses on the individual, helping to foster sustainable wellbeing and positive body image through an active lifestyle and individualised training approach.


    Urban living's oxidative stress results in inflammation, weakened immunity, over-stimulation, sleep disorders, burnouts, and an accelerated ageing process - in addition to creating environmental damage. Reconnect to your natural habitat, the home we have co-evolved within and upon which we rely on for oxygenation, overall physiological balance, optimal functioning, and long-term health.

* Holistic Training - Scientific & Academic References

Our Holistic Training Syllabus and Framework are currently undergoing international accreditation in the Sports and Physical Activity sector. These programs have been developed to integrate peer-reviewed academic principles, drawing from the latest research in fields like human paleoanthropology, epigenetics, environmental coaching, and sports education. Our syllabus and training approaches, in development since 2008, bridge the gap between academic principles and practical, lifestyle-based training.

Please note that while our programs are informed by the work of prominent researchers and academics in these fields, they are not endorsed by the featured researchers and academics. Join us in this pursuit of academic excellence in the realm of holistic health and performance.

The linked video, 'Interview with Dr. Daniel Lieberman,' is hosted on YouTube and is not owned by MAVERICKS Life Co. It is provided here for educational and informational purposes in accordance with fair usage guidelines. Read more about Daniel Lieberman's work HERE

Further resources and scientific references include:

  1. YEARBOOK OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, 2019 - Human athletic paleobiology; using sport as a model to investigate human evolutionary adaptation
  2. WEIRD bodies: mismatch, medicine and missing diversity
  3. Gene-Environment Interaction, Harvard University, Centre of the Developing Child
  4. Epigenome environment interactions accelerate epigenomic aging and unlock metabolically restricted epigenetic reprogramming in adulthood

For further academic and scientific references in regards to our syllabus and framework, please contact our HQ at MAVERICKS Life Co.