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Nature-Based Active Lifestyle, The MAVERICKS Way!

Welcome The Mavericks Way - we're here to guide you in exploring new, fun ways to stay fit and reconnect with nature 🌿⭐️ Outdoor hobbies are great way to improve fitness, boost mental wellbeing and spend time with friends and family.

We are all different, and like to do things "our way" - the Mavericks's Way! We'll be here to answer questions, encourage you to discover new ways to make your active lifestyle and connection to nature your biggest asset.

How to get started

If you're keen to going on The Mavericks Way, here's where to start:

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Why Nature-Based Training?

The natural world has so much to teach us—and so much to offer! From our health to our well-being... but did you know it plays a significant role in improving your body awareness, fitness, and athletic performance?

At MAVERICKS Life Co., we have a profound appreciation for the natural world. We adore learning from it, engaging with it, and fostering a deeper connection to it—all while relishing the pleasures of an active lifestyle. Learning from and deepening our connection with nature can impart valuable insights about ourselves, our bodies, and how we can demonstrate greater respect for our shared home.

If you have a passion for nature, are seeking inspiration to stay active outdoors, want to learn about your body, and aspire to make the most of the great outdoors to maintain happiness and health, then you're on the path to The MAVERICKS Way!

About The Mavericks Way

TheMavericksWay.org is an educational hub by MAVERICKS Life Co. created to help you explore an active lifestyle by engaging with your natural environment. Through specialised educational videos, training resources, and online workshops, we teach concepts that guide you to understand your body, improve your skills and boost your wellbeing.

From our Training Centre in the Swiss Alpswe bring you a cutting-edge blend of life science and professional training expertise of the invigorating effects of nature-based active lifestyle.

Guiding you back to nature, The MAVERICKS Way!

Mind-Body-Environment : a holistic training approach

"HOLISTIC TRAINING is a mind-body-environment training approach that links skill development and physical performance. A powerful TRAINING STRATEGY that brings together sports science, evolutionary biology, epigenetic theory and environmental science for a comprehensive training approach that unleashes human skill and wellbeing across the full spectrum of ability and diversity in sport." Jessica Christensen, CEO & Academy Director

Our courses and workshops are a blend of natural movement, skill development and functional training designed to help you understand your body through a playful combination of training and engaging with an ever-changing environment. 


To inspire, The MAVERICKS Way..

Our mission is to engage and inspire more like-minded individuals - where they are, to improve wellbeing, participation in sports and connection to nature, "The MAVERICKS Way!". We encourage people to embrace an active lifestyle, their diversity, and their heritage to reinforce the connections between humans and the natural world. 

👣 Find your own path
👣 Enjoy your life
👣 Move more
👣 Thrive outdoors
👣 Remember who you are, where you came from, and what you’ve seen along the way…