The MAVERICKS Way is a concept store by MAVERICKS Life Co. designed to inspire an affinity for nature and the joy of discovery. 

It is named after our core philosophy and is designed to be a safe space where you feel inspired to EXPLORE, MOVE, and THRIVE in a natural environment. By doing this, you will discover new ideas, activities, cultures, and ways of seeking and engaging with the nature that surrounds us. We hope The MAVERICKS Way will bring you closer to love and thrive in a natural world.


 EXPLORE: Discover the world, explore new ideas and different perspectives.

 MOVE: Move your body and mind, with joy and through interactions with nature.

 THRIVE: Grow & flourish, being mindful of your wellbeing and your habitat. 





Our mission is to engage and inspire more like-minded individuals - where they are, and with more impact - by showcasing a new and pragmatic way of exploring ideas and comprehending a sustainable lifestyle that is inspired by and respectful of nature. 


👣 Find your own path

👣 Enjoy your life

👣 Move more

👣 Thrive outdoors

👣 Remember who you are, where you came from and what you’ve seen along the way…






MAVERICKS Life Co. is an active lifestyle and lifelong education company specialising in habitat and human health. We provide online education, workshops, media & resources that inspire wellness through an active lifestyle. 

Inspired by the natural world that all living species share, we believe humans can coexist sustainably by developing constructive, positive habits that are respectful to nature and humanity. 

MAVERICKS Life Co. was founded in 2008 by Jessica Z. Christensen, and it turned into a true family company when Lars Christensen joined in 2012. Since then, they have been joined by close friends and colleagues who share the same vision and values. The growing team now consists of 20 people with diverse backgrounds like the UK, Switzerland, Philippines and South Africa.




Supporting the World Land Trust

Next to helping you explore ways to live closer to nature, we also find it important to contribute to preserving natural habitats. We proudly support the World Land Trust’ BUY AN ACRE programme to help preserve endangered natural habitats. 

For every purchase made on The MAVERICKS Way, we donate 5% of the sale towards buying an Acre of protected land. Every £100 GBP donation will purchase one acre of habitat and protect it in perpetuity. The BUY AN ACRE initiative currently supports land purchases in Argentina, Brazil and Kenya. 



Find out more about our policies and efforts to minimise our carbon footprint and minimise waste, please visit our Shop Sustainable page.