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About MAVERICKS Life Co. | Holistic Training & Wellbeing Education


    Our educational content is based on the HOLISTIC SCIENCE FRAMEWORK, aninterdisciplinary education framework linking life science and training, by using the underlying principle of human co-evolution with our habitat, our training physiology and diversity in cultures.


    Our approach to holistic training & education allows us help coaches and individuals in developing critical thinking, promote a cross-disciplinary, open-minded approach to performance and wellbeing education. It is NOT used to diagnose, treat or offer individual health advice.


    We use this knowledge and research to teach with a Holistic Training approach, a MIND-BODY-HABITAT

    practice that allows us to develop a deeper connection to our body's heritage, our culture and our communities through positive athlete-coach-environment feedback loop.

  • Jessica Christensen, CEO

    Sports Science & Education specialist, with a unique focus on habitat & human health. Jessica is the founder, CEO and Academy Director at MAVERICKS Life Co.

  • Bookings & Events Team

    Paola Lizza manages our UK-based events team under our Events & Entertainment division. In Switzerland, Annalisa Lauciello runs all our Swiss-based activities.

  • Instructor Team

    We hand-pick instructors who share our vision and our values, but each bring their own specialty! Our instructors are based in London and Crans-Montana.

  • Design & Production Team

    In-house production team driven by a creative vision of an active lifestyle immersed in nature led by Julian Grimm & Jessica Christensen, with Alexis Feuillet.

  • Education Team

    BSc Hons Sports Science & BiokineticistHolly Cammell co-ordinates the team of consulting experts in the development and administration of our academy.

  • Tech & Admin Team

    Our tech team is led by CIO/COO, Lars Christensen, based at our HQ and Training Centre in Switzerland and works closely with our administration team.