What is Nature-Based Training?

"Nature-Based Training is a mind-body-environment training approach focused on body awareness and nature connection.

It's a lifestyle approach to sustainable fitness, wellbeing and performance. It is a nature-based training strategy that that brings together sports science, our connection with our natural environment and a whole-systems approach to sports and fitness."

- Jessica Christensen, CEO & Academy Director

  • 1. Fundamental Movement


    Fundamental Movement provides a baseline development for mind-body-environment connection and foundational movement skills.

  • 2. Functional Training


    Functional Training helps build physical skill through functional training, drills, conditioning and experimentation.

  • 3. Sports-Specific Training


    Build your mind-body-awareness with immersive training and skill-specific drills combined with experiential learning outdoors.

  • YouTube Series

    Watch “Discover with MAVERICKS” YouTube series: our free introductory course about nature-based training & active lifestyle.

    Watch the series 
  • Online BEGINNER Workshops

    Start training with our online beginner Natural Body Movement workshop, MAVERICK-ONE. Perfect to get ready for the outdoors.

  • Leadership Courses

    Are you a coach, trainer, or active leisure facilitator? Lead the way to bring Nature-Based Training to your local community!

    TMW Leadership Course 

Active Lifestyle Education Syllabus

Nature-Based Syllabus

Our Nature-Based Training education is rooted in the Holistic Training Syllabus by MAVERICKS Life Co. - focusing on the themes of nature & environment, body awareness and lifestyle.

From our Training Centre in the Swiss Alps, we bring you a cutting-edge blend of nature-based sports science and professional training expertise.


    Modern living and forceful training can lead to pain and limited mobility by reinforcing restrictive, unnatural movement patterns. Nature-Based Training prioritises neuro-myofascial training and experiential learning, helping the body's natural interactions with the natural environment and intuitive movement.


    Contact with nature helps increase exercise rates, promote an active lifestyle and restore physical and cognitive stress, resulting in enhanced wellbeing. Nature-Based training focuses on the individual experience, helping to foster sustainable wellbeing and positive body image through a nature-based active lifestyle approach.


    Reconnecting to nature has a number of benefits, including developing more affinity and appreciation for the environment, and feeling more physically and mentally connected to the world around us. Exposure to biodiverse environments also helps to promote health, and relieve daily stressors to our mind and body.