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Holistic Training Foundations : Natural Movement

Our online workshops specialise in teaching HOLISTIC TRAINING, a mind-body-habitat practice that link our wellbeing and physical performance. Rooted in natural movement, evolutionary biology and sports science, explore how humans have co-evolved with nature, and teaches movement to help develop in mind, body, and skill.

NATURAL MOVEMENT is a an essential movement skill that will help you to understand your body & move like a human, at any age!

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MAVERICK-ONE : Online Workshop

MAVERICK-ONE : Online Workshop

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A one-hour online workshop with essential NATURAL MOVEMENT exercises, as our foundation workshop to Holistic Training.

Following the evolutionary science of human movement, we have summarised fifteen years of experience of training in our signature workshop, MAVERICK-ONE!

What's the first step in Holistic Training? Before we start to think about sports, skills and performance - we need a good foundation.

In this workshop we look at how we can MOVE LIKE A HUMAN, AT ANY AGE! This workshop is designed to reconnect us all to natural ways to move, the way we did before technology and modern habits got the best of us. As we explore the evolution of human movement and skill, rediscover your body's natural ability to balance, walk, run, squat, jump, sit, and stand with agility and freedom!

Taught and created by Jessica Christensen, CEO & Academy Director of MAVERICKS Life Co. and BBS Training Academy.


Your Instructor


This workshop is brought to you by Jessica Christensen, CEO & Academy Director of MAVERICKS Life Co. and BBS Training Academy. With over 18 years experience in sports & fitness training education and having developed over 20 multisports coaching courses   - Jessica combines her expertise to design and develop all courses, workshops, and events for MAVERICKS Life Co.

Drawing from her studies in sports science, Holistic Science, human evolution, anatomy, exercise physiology, and human development, and influenced by her experience in dance, martial arts, pilates, yoga, barre, natural movement and many more training modalities she explored as part of her ongoing quest of the study of HUMAN ABILITY.

See Jessica's Profile on CIMSPA

Info & Equipment

Running time: ONE HOUR

Tracks: 12 tracks themed to a physical ability

Level: all ages and levels

Equipment: Yoga mat, a soft surface, a yoga block, book or anything that can be used as a base.


Workshop & choreography has been created by Jessica Christensen, Academy Director of MAVERICKS Life Co. The workshop choreography is proprietary and subject to artistic copyright ©2023 MAVERICKS Life Co. The choreography and format of this workshop cannot be reproduced without consent of the instructor.

In this workshop we discover and explore techniques and concepts drawn from a large body of training research and a number of disciplines we teach and have encountered at our MAVERICKS Life Co. Training Centre:

  • BBS Training Method | L&S + BBS Syllabus
  • Dr. Daniel Lieberman | Bipedal Locomotion 
  • Anatomy Trains | Slings Myofascial Training
  • Fascia Pilates | Biotensegrity & Fascial Fitness
  • David Weck | Weck Method
  • Integrated Kinetic Neurology | Neurodynamics 
  • Tai Chi Yang Style | Qi Gong 8 Pieces of Brocade 
  • Georges Hébert | Natural Method
  • Barre Barreworks | Method 
  • Katy Bowman | Nutritious Movement
  • Ben Medder | State Of Play 
  • Light of Yoga | BKS Iyengar
  • Biokinetics | University of Stellenbosch
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • YMCAFit | Exercise To Music 

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  • Are you ready for barefoot training?

    Most of our workshops will have you training barefoot - as nature intended! With barefoot training, it's essential to find a good surface to train and make sure you're ready to load your movements, safely! If you feel unsure about any barefoot training or the movements, listen to your body and consult your doctor or a health professional first.

  • Natural movement.. it's up to YOU!

    Our natural movement and FUNctional training workshops do not dictate your technique, nor do they diagnose any conditions or physical imbalances. Set yourself up comfortably, follow along and have fun - we hope they will encourage you to explore more movement and a functional approach to your training.

  • Meet Jessica, your instructor

    With over 18 years experience in the sports, fitness and wellbeing sector, Jessica Christensen is an industry innovator specialising in Holistic Training Science. She is CEO and Academy Director of MAVERICKS Life Co. and loves to share her expertise with coaches and students of all ages.

  • Why should you add Holistic Training to your practice?

    “We should all become familiar with our natural heritage as humans, in the way that we move, perform and function. There’s power in our genes and ancestral heritage – in finding out what it was that made our primal movements so impactful in creating bodies that can handle almost anything life throws at them. Rediscovering this natural way of moving is at the core of what we’re teaching and we find our community of movers are all the more grounded, injury-free and perform better in their favourite sports. You only have to try it once to understand the power in immersing your body in natural movement and functional movement.” 

  • Qualifications & CPD

    Jessica is a CIMSPA member (Chartered Institute of Sports and Physical Activity) and a USCCE Accredited program director. Some specialisations include:

    • HMX Physiology - Harvard Medical School
    • Vivobarefoot Movement Coach
    • L3 Personal Training, NASM
    • L3 & L4 Anatomy & Physiology
    • TQUK L3 Award in Education
    • L3 Ecology Diploma
    • Evolution: American Museum of Natural History
    • Philosophy of Cognitive Science - The University of Edinburgh
    • Anatomy Trains in Motion, Evolution & Embryology
    • L2 Exercise to Music
  • Supporting the WLT

    Alongside supporting natural movement, MAVERICKS Life Co. proudly supports natural habitats with the World Land Trust (WLT), an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats.

  • Donations to Buy an Acre

    This product includes a 5% donation to the Buy An Acre initiative to protect endangered natural habitats. By protecting land, acre by acre, we are taking the best action to ensure a future for wildlife.

  • 10 Acres Saved in 2022

    MAVERICKS Life Co. is proud to have preserved 10 Acres of wildlife (40'468 m2) in 2022 through donations to the World Land Trust. When you buy from our store, you are helping us to buy more natural habitats to protect. Thank you!