Shop Sustainably


Next to helping you explore ways to live closer to nature, we also find it important to contribute to preserving natural habitats. We proudly support the World Land Trust’ BUY AN ACRE programme to help preserve endangered natural habitats. 

For every purchase made on The MAVERICKS Way, we donate 5% of the sale towards safeguarding an acre of land. Every £100 GBP donation will purchase one acre of habitat and protect it in perpetuity. The BUY AN ACRE initiative currently supports land purchases in Argentina, Brazil and Kenya. 


Sustainability, The MAVERICKS Way:

While creating items you will love, we must keep the planet in mind with everything we do. We believe that human beings can exist in harmony with the natural world and that we should see ourselves as part of this rather than something separate. Therefore we work hard to be mindful of our production by following the below practices:

All our products are created on-demand via Printful production & distribution facilities to reduce overproduction. Only up to five sample(s) per design are kept for product development purposes. Our collections favour responsibly-sourced or recycled materials, and we are planning on improving our practices as we develop the brand. You can find more information about the Printful sustainability practices here.


Evergreen Collections

Fast fashion contributes to a high turnover of purchasing and trashing: by labelling clothing items as “last season” or out of fashion. This contributes to a toxic consumer cycle for our planet and your wallet. Instead of fashion, we follow nature’s seasons: the natural cycle that repeats and never goes out of fashion, even after millions of years. As a result, our collections remain evergreen throughout the years without the pressure of replacing your items. 


Only purchase something when you need it

To avoid contributing more to a fastly consuming world, we encourage you to use what you have where possible. We are grateful for every purchase you make as it supports us in our mission to inspire living The MAVERICKS Way. Living sustainably is a big part of this, so please only buy something when you need it or if it sparks inspiration to become more connected to the natural world. 


On-demand production only

One in every five garments ends up in a landfill without ever being worn. We plan to avoid this by only producing on demand. Only once an order is placed the production and shipping process is started for each order. This avoids overproduction and leftover stock.


Making our supply chain shorter

Strategically located fulfilment centres help reduce our CO emissions by supplying your garments more locally and shortening the shipping journey. Products are also directly shipped to your home once they have been created, which shortens the supply chain of our products.


Reliable quality

We want you to enjoy the products you buy from us for as long as possible. For that reason, we provide high-quality products that can accompany you to EXPLORE, MOVE, THRIVE. 

All products are designed and carefully selected by MAVERICKS Life Co in collaboration with inspiring international artists who support The MAVERICKS Way. We source and rely on Printful’s printing and fulfilment service. We curate items from their sustainable wear and tech/homeware collection. You can find more information about Printful’s sustainability here .



It is important to us to provide you with as much information about the sustainability of our products as possible. For this, we are dependent on Printful. Therefore, we aim to provide new additional information about our products as soon as it becomes available on Printful.


The future of The MAVERICKS Way

Since we are looking to live as much in harmony as possible with nature, we are looking for continuous improvement in sustainability. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions you might have.

  • Supporting the WLT

    MAVERICKS Life Co. proudly supports the World Land Trust (WLT), an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats.

  • Donations to Buy an Acre

    This product includes a 5% donation to the Buy An Acre initiative to protect endangered natural habitats. By protecting land, acre by acre, we are taking the best action to ensure a future for wildlife.

  • 10 Acres Saved in 2022

    MAVERICKS Life Co. is proud to have preserved 10 Acres of wildlife (40'468 m2) in 2022 through donations to the World Land Trust. When you buy from our store, you are helping us to buy more natural habitats to protect. Thank you!