TheMavericksWay.org is an educational hub by MAVERICKS Life Co. specialising in nature-based training and active lifestyle. We are your guide you to EXPLORE. MOVE. THRIVE. in your natural environment. Through educational videos, courses, and workshops, we teach concepts that guide you to understand your body, improve your skills and boost your wellbeing.

From our Training Centre in the Swiss Alps, we bring you a cutting-edge blend of nature-based sports science and professional training expertise.

Guiding you back to nature, The MAVERICKS Way!


    “Discover with MAVERICKS” : our YouTube series on how nature-based training can help you thrive.


    Discover movement and training that works with your body, to improve your skills and boost your wellbeing.


    Your toolkit to harnessing the powers of nature for fitness and wellbeing... The MAVERICKS Way!


Discover with MAVERICKS - with Jessica Christensen

Discover nature-based active lifestyle & wellbeing, the MAVERICKS Way! Hosted by Jessica Christensen, CEO. & Academy Director of MAVERICKS Life Co. Using her 18 years experience in the sports & fitness industry, specialising in teaching a whole-systems approach to sports science and health ecology, Jessica invites you to learn & train, The MAVERICKS Way!

Learn & Train... The MAVERICKS Way!

TheMavericksWay.org is the education hub MAVERICKS Life Co. focused on nature-based approaches to active lifestyle and wellbeing and where we guide you to find your own way back to nature.

Presented by our Academy Director, Jessica Christensen, our educational multimedia content and training teaches cutting-edge holistic sports science, teaching you to understand your body while improving your fitness and wellbeing.

Using over 18 years experience in the sports & fitness industry, specialised in holistic sports science education, Jessica invites you to learn & train, The MAVERICKS Way!

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Supporting the World Land Trust

We support the World Land Trust

We proudly support the World Land Trust’s BUY AN ACRE programme to help preserve endangered natural habitats. For every purchase made on The MAVERICKS Way, we donate 5% of the sale towards safeguarding an acre of land. Every £100 GBP donation will purchase one acre of habitat and protect it in perpetuity. The BUY AN ACRE initiative currently supports land purchases in Argentina, Brazil and Kenya. 

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