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Book a Workshop Our coaching team is based in London and our Training Centre in the Swiss Alps. We provide bespoke experiences for events and teams who want to explore Holistic Training. Choose from a variety of themes and approaches: our experienced team of coaches will love to bring The MAVERICKS Way to your event!

Bespoke Experiences for your Event

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Holistic Training Workshops with MAVERICKS Life Co. - our bookings and events team is based in London, where we have proudly worked with over 600 events since 2008.

Natural Movement Workshops

  • Jessica Christensen, CEO

    Founder and Academy Director of MAVERICKS Life Co., holistic science & training education industry innovator who developed and teaches the HS Framework.

  • Bookings & Events

    Paola Lizza manages our UK-based events team under our Events & Entertainment division. In Switzerland, Annalisa Lauciello runs all our Swiss-based activities.

  • Instructor Team

    We hand-pick instructors who share our vision and our values, but each bring their own specialty! Our instructors are based in London and Crans-Montana.

  • Design & Production Team

    In-house production team driven by a creative vision of an active lifestyle immersed in nature led by Julian Grimm & Jessica Christensen, with Alexis Feuillet.

  • Education Team

    BSc Hons Sports Science & Biokineticist Holly Cammell co-ordinates the team of consulting experts in the development and administration of our academy.

  • Tech & Admin Team

    Our tech team is led by CIO/COO, Lars Christensen, based at our HQ and Training Centre in Switzerland and works closely with our administration team.