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Join Jessica Z. Christensen, part of the October 2023 YogaFIT presenter team, for a fun-filled immersive week in Ibiza! MAVERICKS is headed to Ibiza at Invisa Cala Blanca on Es Figueral Beach. Join an international community, celebrating and practising their favourite activities together in Ibiza!

YogaFIT runs friendly, inclusive and transformational retreats that offer a variety of holistic and fitness classes as well as workshops in nutrition and wellbeing. You'll find around 200 classes during the week, with over 50 teachers.  Build your schedule of days, classes and workshops are appropriate for you.

We are lucky to join a world class instructors. Guests come by themselves, as families or in groups and our venues provide the perfect blend of personal space, community environment against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.    

Classes & Activities

You'll find around 200 classes during the week, with over 50 teachers. Jessica will be teaching:


A deeply grounding class that blends natural movement, functional conditioning, mobility and stretching focused on the hips, shoulders and core strength. A playful exchange of FIRE and WATER to balance your strength and fluidity to an empowering Nordic soundtrack.


Experience a sensory barefoot trail to awaken your proprioceptive senses and explore your natural gait. The trail will teach you all about the benefits of barefoot training and unleash the natural powers of your feet! A truly eye-opening and grounding experience. 


Explore the functional properties of your connective tissues, the fascial system. Find freedom of movement and natural stability through a fascia-focused training approach: develop enhanced body awareness as you explore a playful class that will get you moving, melting and feeling energised!


Enjoy a new concept of movement and experience the outdoors with a unique approach: learn to move seamlessly with low-impact rope training and get lost in your flow. Move, juggle & find your flow immersed in nature and music.

Booking Information

This event is organised by YogaFIT retreats, select and book the OCTOBER 2023 Retreat to join us in our Discover with MAVERICKS program.

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You can join YogaFit Ibiza retreats for 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 nights and our prices start from just £410.00  We'd love to empower you to make healthy choices, but while you're with us it's your retreat and your rules. The restaurants cater for every dietary requirement including pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, coeliac, dairy free and allergies.

YogaFit are passionate about what they do and about giving you an excellent experience.  If you have any questions they would love to hear from you, email them at

Date & Location

22 - 29 October 2023

Invisa Cala Blanca, Es Figueral Beach, IBIZA

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